The Reverberation Appreciation Society is proud to announce our 3rd release: The UFO Club / The Night Beats Split 10 inch featuring 4 tracks from The UFO Club on the A side and 4 tracks from The Night Beats on the B side in a limited edition of 500 on 140g vinyl. Includes hand crafted, screen printed packaging with artwork by Christian Bland, Lee Blackwell and Rob Fitzpatrick. Signed and numbered in a limited edition of 500. Includes digital delivery of full album in 320 KPS MP3, FLAC and WAV format as orders are processed.

Check out free downloads of The UFO Club’s “Chapel In My Mind” & The Night Beats’ “Hex”

UFO Club is a collaboration between Christian Bland of The Black Angels and Lee Blackwell of The Nights Beats, recorded in summer of 2010 at Laguna Studios in Austin, TX. The project finds the duo (supplemented by Shapes Have Fangs / Laguna Studios mastermind Skyler McGlothlin) re-imagining 50s pop through the prism of 60s psych and the combined guitar work of Bland and Blackwell. The name is a homage to the legendary UFO Club of Pink Floyd-era 1960s London. The split gives a preview of their upcoming debut LP due in the summer, and two exclusive tracks: “Waiting for My Love” and a cover of Phil Spector / The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”.

Seattle’s The Nights Beats have made quite an impact on the psych scene in their short time as a band, touring relentlessly behind their H-Bomb EP to great acclaim while creating new material for their highly anticipated full length on Trouble In Mind, scheduled for a June 28 2011 release. The 4 songs on the split are are exclusive to this vinyl release. The Night Beats just blew minds once again at Austin Psych Fest for the second year in a row, GO SEE THIS BAND!