While we were spared from some of the earlier predicted weather that affected our neighbors in Texas, a severe storm system struck the Levitation site in the overnight hours producing winds over 60mph, hail, lightning, and over a inch of rain causing flooding of the grounds. As anticipated, the festival site was crippled by these storms, making recovery of the event impossible. The safety of our staff and guests is always our top priority and as of this morning everyone is ok – we were able to evacuate the site and get people to safety before the storm hit.


We’ve seen how many of you feel about photos being posted from the relief shows taking place at Austin venues this weekend that the local music community has organized.

In all honesty, over the past 24 hours festival organizers have not been focusing on social media and your reactions here. Festival representatives have been responding to your concerns on social media and email as best we can, but safety and getting refunds out has been the first priority.

From our perspective, we were trying to document the weekend and highlight what has been salvaged. People have come from all over the world to work, to perform and enjoy this festival. People are trying to make the best of it and photographers are documenting it. We feel it is important to share with the world what is happening in Austin in the aftermath of the cancellation of Levitation 2016 and we will continue to.


We also want to take the time to address pre-sale ticket situation yesterday. After receiving links and info from venues and other folks scrambling to put the relief events together, we sent a link to Levitation customers via email to a page where we had gathered all of the available event info, but the website immediately crashed – there was simply too much traffic. To add insult to injury, there were errors on the page and in the information. It was a complete disaster, we agree. Our intent was to provide a central source for information. We realize that no matter what we do or say, no matter how hard we work, no matter how many people donate their time and talents to make the best of the situation, it doesn’t change the fact that the entire situation is terrible for everyone involved and nothing like the weekend we were all looking forward to.

To the scalpers – you are making a bad situation worse. You paid $5 (which is going to charity) for the show, and we wish you would some respect to the fans in this situation. And heads up to scalpers – we’ve been made aware that a list is being made of who is attempting to profit off of this situation, and the intent of those gathering that information is to make that list public.

There might be some more shows popping up and we’ll continue to update the page with that info. We will continue posting photos of the shows.


There are people displaced by the situation and they do not have a place to stay. Please use social media as a place to comment and do something positive – if you have a place for someone to stay, please consider offering help to those in need.

We will also keep you updated with any and all info regarding the timeline for refunds as that info becomes available.

The Reverberation Appreciation Society and the LEVITATION staff