Elevated Transmissions Podcast 008 – Aaron Diko / DDCT

Aaron Diko is a San Francisco Musician, Synth enthusiast and part of the emerging group DDCT with Burnt Ones members Mark Tester and Landon Caldwell. Aaron was in the SF band POW! but is now focused on more ambient vibes and other collaborative work. We sat down while I was in SF and talked about repetition, drone and the possibilities of finding deeper meaning in the act of listening. Hella deep.

Aaron shares 10 of his current favorite jams in this episode:

Ruth – Polaroid / Roman / Photo
Paul McCartney – Frozen Jap
Kate Bush – Wurthering Heights
Omar Khorshid – Ommil Habiba
Damaged Bug – Der Mond
39 Clocks – Dom (Electricity Elects The Rain)
Spectrum – Take Your Time
Joshua Abrams – By Way of Odessa
Brian Eno – I’m Set Free