ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS Podcast 006 – Matt Jones / Castle Face Records

The Elevated Transmissions Podcast is back with a new format, y’all! While wandering the planet, I’ve met my fair share of incredible human beings. I decided to start reaching out to folks doing interesting things and ask them to curate a 10 song playlist of their current favorite tracks. I wanted the music to provide a base for conversation, stories, wisdom, comedy, tragedy, and all the rest. The point being to share and learn about music the old fashioned way, with human interaction, exchange and more often then not a couple roaches in the ashtray.

Episode 006 of The Elevated Transmissions Podcast is with Matt Jones. Matt is one third of the amazing Castle Face record label, founder of “weirdo punk” band Male Gaze and an over all good dude. I sat down with Matt in San Francisco and we discussed some of his current favorite jams a week or so after the 2016 election results were in. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments and let us know what you think!

– Al Lover

Check out what Matt’s up to below……