Sunday, May 10 @ 6:30 pm, Elevation Amphitheater

The Myrrors are an experimental psychedelic rock band from Arizona, formed in early 2007. Originally consisting of Nik Rayne on vocals and guitar, [bandmember from 2007 to 2009], Claira Safi on bass and Grant Beyschau on drums, they eventually added Cesar Alatorre-Mena on second guitar and recorded the album “Burning Circles In the Sky,” released independently in a run of fifty screen-printed copies.

The group disbanded in late 2009, but they eventually reformed in 2012. The following year they released the single “Ramona Parra” as well as the limited edition cassette “Solar Collector.” Their debut record was reissued in vinyl by the European labels Rewolfed Gloom and Fuzz Club Records in early 2014