Saturday, April 30 @ 1:40 pm, Levitation Tent

Flavor Crystals are a four piece space rock band based in Minneapolis, MN. Since releasing their debut album “On Plastic” (mpls ltd 2005), Flavor Crystals have continued to create engagingly floaty psych rock. Their music evokes 60’s psychedelia, 70’s kraut/prog, 80’s kiwi, and 90’s shoegaze/indie in equal measures, while always retaining their distinct, wobbly vibe. Their second album was recorded with Kramer (Bongwater, Galaxie 500, Low) and released as “Ambergris” (mpls ltd 2007, Second Shimmy/Cargo 2008). After being invited by the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Flavor Crystals accompanied them on their 2009 US Tour, playing 18 theatres and clubs across the country.

Upon returning, Flavor Crystals holed up to create their definitive musical statement. After two years of continuous recording, capturing spontaneous experiments and sprawling drones, the results are being released as the new album “Three”.